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About Us

Barcelona, 1988.


Vicky Bargalló looks at Maria, her two-year-old daughter, while she sleeps and she has an epiphany: she realises that she has to dress up her dreams.


First and foremost, she wants her to feel comfortable and cosy: is there anything more glorious, intimate and enigmatic than the moment we lose sight of the physical world and fall into our own bodies? She doesn't hesitate and purchases the best fabrics always 100% cotton and commissions the patterns to a dressmaker from Barcelona. She then finds the ideal showcase in the Mercado de Galvany. Her designs cause a sensation and make their way into the dream world of both old and young alike.


Driven by her success, two years later she opens her first shop, elevating the humble pyjamas to a highbrow garments among her customers.


Today, 25 years later and along with her daughter Maria, ViBa enters headlong into modernity opening an online showcase under the following motto:

“Sleeping is projecting and resting, restoring the body and the spirit; dressing properly is the best way to reconcile with Morpheus”.


Since 1988 Vicky Bargalló has continued to work by the same philosophy, but we’ve adapted to modern times, using the same product but focusing on online channels. Specialisation, customisation, dedication, quality and all our love is put into our pyjamas to provide the same trust and credibility to our customers. Because sleeping is an instinct, a necessity and, at the same time, one of life’s greatest pleasures, we want to make it a unique experience.

The brand

Our brand's heritage is the result of meticulous design, production and fabrication of all our product lines and variety of collections, both the new ones, based on an analysis of market trends, and the timeless and plain ones, which are result of our own history.

The product

Our goal has always been and continues to be designing suitable and trendy clothing for relaxation; to carefully select the materials; supervise dressmaking, which is subject to a strong quality control process; and to strive for the inherent quality of any handmade product, produced exclusively in Barcelona.

The end customer

In Vicky Bargalló we want our customers to remain loyalty and our priority is that they are comfortable in our products.

 It is gratifying to see how after all these years our customers are still loyal to our brand, showing interest in our new collections and designs every season.